When senior citizens are faced with challenging and distressing situations, they need an expedited and sensitive system which legally addresses their concerns without waiting for indefinite periods for a rightful solution. In response to this rising need, many countries – including India – have established senior citizen tribunals to safeguard their rights.


Key Objectives of Senior Citizen Tribunals-


Safeguarding Rights- The primary goal of senior citizen tribunals is to ensure the rights of senior citizens.  These tribunals are considerate towards seniors whose rights are neglected or if any violation or abuse has occurred.

Efficiency- Senior citizen tribunals are designed to provide quicker solutions to the seniors’ problems. Now-a-days, elderly care NGOs like Dignity Foundation provide free guidance and awareness regarding what are senior citizen tribunals and how can they help you. Elderly care NGOs also offer various programs through which they guide and assist people for addressing their challenging situations.


Holistic Approach- Senior Citizen Tribunals address the needs of the elderly, such as health issues and financial security. This approach improves the quality of senior citizen’s life.


How Can Senior Citizen Tribunals Help You?

These senior citizen tribunals give senior citizens legal support for issues such as property disputes, financial exploitation, or abuse.


The Role of Elderly Care NGOs:


Advocacy and Awareness: NGOs for the elderly can play an important role in mediating between the complainant and the senior citizen tribunals. Through different campaigns, programs, and workshops Elderly care NGOs can also educate seniors about senior citizens tribunals.


Emotional Support: Being embroiled in legal battles can take a toll on the elderly’s mental and emotional health. NGOs for the elderly like Dignity Foundation also offer companionship services and well-deserved emotional support to the seniors.


Legal Aid and Assistance: Many elderly are unaware of their rights. Elderly care NGOshttps://www.dignityfoundation.com/what-we-do/ourprogrammes/ bridge this gap by providing free and trusted legal aid and assistance.


Collaboration with experts- Elderly care NGOs also collaborate with experts such as lawyers to ensure that trustworthy and reliable information and guidance is provided.


Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act- The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens act plays an important role in the protection of the elderly in India. The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act was introduced to take action against the growing concern of neglect and mistreatment faced by older individuals. This law ensures that children take responsibility of their parents and grandparents for their financial independence.


Implications and Significance: The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act gives us a reminder of our cultural values. It holds families accountable for the care of their elderly members.

This act encourages society to give seniors the love and affection that they deserve.


Conclusion- The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act ensures the way to a brighter future for senior citizens in their Golden Years. Whereas, Senior Citizen Tribunals provide quick and reliable solutions to the unfortunate problems faced by the elderly in India.