Easy-to-do Home Exercises for the Elderly

September 26, 2023|

Ageing is a natural process of life that comes with lots of challenges, specially making it difficult to stay active. Home exercise for the elderly helps to improve their mobility, thinking, communication and physical health. [...]

What are the senior citizen tribunals and how can they help you?

September 1, 2023|

When senior citizens are faced with challenging and distressing situations, they need an expedited and sensitive system which legally addresses their concerns without waiting for indefinite periods for a rightful solution. In response to this [...]

The mental health of the elderly

July 24, 2023|

  As our loved ones age, their mental health becomes essential to their overall well-being. During these golden years of their life, they also face unique challenges that impact the mental health of the elderly. [...]

  • Nutrition in older adults

Importance of good nutrition for seniors

May 25, 2023|

  As we get older by the day, nutrition plays an integral role in maintaining our good health, physical and mental wellbeing. To enhance the quality of senior citizen’s lives and avoid chronic diseases, the [...]

Why is reading truly a senior citizen’s best friend?

May 9, 2023|

Human beings are social beings. As humans, we long for connections with each other. While, our youth is replete with social activities, during old age, one suffers from severe social isolation, affecting their emotions and [...]

Addressing loneliness in senior citizens

March 30, 2023|

  India not only has the second largest global ageing population, but it also stands third amongst the countries with the highest rate of loneliness in older adults, according to a global survey. In fact, [...]

Elder Abuse in India – The Hidden Truth

March 4, 2023|

One in every six senior citizens faces abuse globally. According to some studies, the prevalence of elder abuse in India ranges between 9.6 to 61.7% across different states, although the actual figures may be much [...]

Dementia and Elderly Care

January 26, 2023|

  Elderly care in India has come a long way during the past decade, with a number of specialised care centres and senior living facilities opening in different parts of the country. Care for dementia [...]