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Since 1995 to date, Dignity Dialogue is the leading monthly magazine dedicated to the promotion of productive ageing through sharing of ideas, thought leadership and infotainment. Dignity Dialogue has inspired many readers to hone their amateur skills and become professional photographers, travel writers, stage actors, etc. Subscriptions for physical and e-copies can be made now.

What the magazine offers

Articles by domain experts

Experts in the fields of finance, judiciary, medicine and technology regularly contribute to Dignity Dialogue

Productive use of time

Readers have something meaningful and valuable to look forward to with every edition of Dignity Dialogue. Many readers preserve our copies and revisit them often.


Premium advertising space

Many companies that cater to those aged 55+ find Dignity Dialogue as the perfect place to promote their offerings.

Readers Speak

I have been going through the copies of Dignity Dialogue of the past eight months, and have found each issue to be very interesting and worth keeping in collection. I do have copies of the last two years of the magazine with me, and I hope to keep the copies in future too.
S Viswanathan Iyer
I have been a regular reader of DD since number of years. I congratulate Dr Sheilu Sreenivasan, Editor and Visionary who started Dignity Foundation for the cause of Senior Citizens and came up with a number of innovative ideas with starting of chapters, membership, Coffee / Chai Masti Centres, Helpline and Dementia Daycare centres and organising Retirement India Expo in different cities, bringing active, productive and happy life in ageing with empowerment workshops.
Prof B C Harinath, Sevagram
Let me congratulate you on the grand success of the 18th anniversary celebrations of ‘Dignity Dialogue’ on 20th March. As usual, it had the signature style and stamp of Dignity Foundation which conducts any event with great élan. It was a spectacular event by the senior citizens, for the senior citizens, and of the senior citizens (most of whom are grandparents now). Each and every senior citizen present travelled back in time and remembered with nostalgia the days when they as parents attended performances by their kids at school annual ‘Parents’ Day’. Never would they have visualised back then that some day in future when they turned 60+, they would be performing on stage in front of an august audience of their own age. This was possible courtesy Dignity Foundation, for their brilliant concept of serving seniors with love and dignity
Hema Rengarajan, Mumbai
Dignity Dialogue has to its credit several collections of events and accomplishments of Seniors Citizens, with varied exposure of ground realities, comforts and discomforts roaming in their daily lives. Its lucidity and comments over the diction are praiseworthy. Its passion with emotions for the silvers earned a distinctive position in the field of ameliorating the conditions of the aged adults. It is recognised as championing the cause of the growing ageing population. The contents have to be translated into regional languages to capture the hearts of the silvers settled all over India. The rich seniors have to volunteer to achieve such a noble objective. We should make India really shining and not weeping.
K N Narayana Pillai, Chennai
I want to compliment you and your editorials team for the amazingly wide coverage of topics – agricultural revolution, spirituality, health care including health insurance, foreign travel to exotic places, money matters, home safety and decor, life philosophy, gardening, biopic of a cinema icon…. the magazine has all these and more! Perhaps you are doing that with every issue but this is the first time that I have realised so. It makes your magazine an almost ‘complete reading’ for the elderly.
Krishan Kalra
I consider myself very lucky to have become a member of the Dignity Family. I am nearing 84 and have health issues including difficulty in movement. The magazine gives great zest to me, the contents are very valuable and provide immense joy to me. I wish Dignity Foundation all the best. Let it grow more and let more members enjoy not only reading the magazine but also various activities of Dignity. Thank you for the greatest service you are rendering to us, the old.
S. Rana Iyer

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