Anand Daan

30.3% households headed by senior citizens in rural areas are poor. Whereas in urban areas, 20% of such households are poor. Dignity Foundation identifies those who are genuinely needy in the slum communities across six cities and provides ration kits to them. The indigent senior citizens receive monthly basic provisions such as food grains, oil, sanitation kits and essential items. For prevention of the spread of Coivid-19, we are also providing safety kits to our beneficiaries which consist of sanitisers, masks and soap. Our team visits pre-identified locations and distributes these kits within the communities where the beneficiaries live.

Anand Daan for Covid 19 Relief

The elderly dwelling in closely knit and overcrowded spaces like slums, along with single women and the disabled, have been the hardest hit with the Covid-19 lockdown. While the Government’s relief packages were distributed as a measure to reach out to the needy, lack of adequate documents such as ration cards has excluded the migrant and certain other vulnerable populations from the provisioned ration and essentials.

We extended our existing Anand Daan model to meet the unmet needs of these segments by identifying and enrolling senior citizens with no source of income or only a meagre income through pension, bed ridden senior citizens and senior citizens with disabled dependent children.

We ensured doorstep delivery of Dry Ration and Sanitisation Kits to these members. Each kit contained ration such as wheat, rice, oil, jaggery, flat rice, green gram, Bengal gram, tea, sugar, etc. and Covid-19 essentials like soap, masks and sanitiser.

In all, 8678 kits were distributed across 6 cities – Mumbai (4486), Bengaluru (1709), Delhi NCR (959), Chennai (734), Kolkata (450) and Pune (340).

Total 8678 kits were distributed across these cities





Delhi NCR








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