Vishakhapatnam Chapter

– Inspired by other cities, a group of senior citizens came forward to start a Chapter in Vishakhapatnam, but it could not find its feet beyond three years.

Chai Masti Centre

 Chai Masti programms started as Hiravanti Mansukhlal Desai Lions Juhu Dignity Enrichment centre. The Trustee of Dignity Foundation, Shri Ashok Modi, made generous donations to fund the centre’s activities. Its popularity gave rise to 15 other centres across India. These centres are meant for Loneliness Mitigation, and are referred to as “Chai Masti” by its senior citizen members.

Today, Chai Masti Centres are thriving spaces for senior citizens to achieve healthy, active and productive ageing. Apart from physical centres, Chai Masti Centres are available in online and hybrid modes.