Loneliness Mitigation Centre

At our loneliness mitigation centres in Mumbai and Pune, we address the deepest fear of any individual – the fear of being alone. We promote positive development of our senior members by organising routine exercises, recreational activities, mental health services and nutrition to promote their welfare.

What is offered?

Active participation in various skill-building and enriching activities
Peer-based social capital building through networking and interaction
Health and psychosocial wellbeing through yoga, meditation and exercises

Who can come?

Senior members belonging to lower socio-economic sections. Those facing negative emotions like frustrations, fear, anxiety and panic. Those lacking social support structures to deal with the negativity and those having limited economic means & perceived lower control over their lives.

How to enroll?

We regularly conduct need-assessments and member profile updation drives in our intervention areas to enroll new members needing our services. We also ensure that the existing members are meeting our eligibility criteria for continuing their participation in our programme.

Sponsor a senior citizen’s health check-up for a month.
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