Covid-19 Relief (8000 Ration Kits Distributed)

In the wake of the sudden onset and long-lasting repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic, Dignity Foundation found the need to urgently cater to indigent senior citizens, many of whom lost their source of livelihood and found it hard to afford even two meals a day. Monthly ration and Covid-19 essentials kits were mobilised and distributed to 8000 elderly across six cities of India.

Inaugurated Dementia Day Care Centre in Mumbai – We opened Mumbai’s only dementia day care centre in Mahim on September 21, 2021. This centre provides tender loving care and stimulation to the elderly living with dementia along with daily lunch, pick and drop service and various engagement and exposure activities.

Dignity Theatre – In April 2021, Dignity Theatre was launched to showcase the talent of senior citizens in organizing and executing online plays. Within one year, two successful seasons of Dignity Theatre and a special performance of ‘Pancha Tantra Tales’ were conducted.

1000 Ration & Sanitation Kits by HSCB – To combat the adverse effects of Covid-19 lockdown, esp for senior citizens with no reliable dependents, HSBC Bank pledged to support 1000 ration and sanitation kits, which includes monthly stock of food and covid-19 essentials, for indigent elders across India.