Dignity Computer Skills

To promote computer literacy among senior citizens, the first collaboration with NIIT was set up in 4 kiosks in Mumbai. This resulted in the ‘first convocation of computer literate senior citizens’, presided over by the then Chief Secretary of Govt. of Maharashtra, Shri V Ranganathan and the then Director of Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Shri Mukherjee. To this day, various computer literacy classes are held, helping senior citizens to learn computers.

Dignity-HSBC Investment Club

Regular talks on investment options and financial knowledge were held for senior citizens in the premises of HSBC Bank in Mumbai. The project was implemented for around three years.

Security with Dignity

Mumbai Police were assisted by Dignity Foundation’s volunteers in fighting the increasing crime against senior citizens in Mumbai. Our volunteers helped organise the meetings of senior citizen with police functionaries.

In 2013, a landmark collaboration with Mumbai Police saw a joint publication of a ‘Handbook for Senior Citizens’ with relevant legal and other information included in an easy-to-read format.