Dignity Marketplace

Dignity Marketplace was unveiled on July 1, 2021 on YouTube as a dedicated virtual platform where members of Dignity Foundation showcased and sold their hand-crafted products and offered their services to viewers across India. Video entries were received from our Chapters in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi-NCR, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune.

There is a range of exquisite products on offer – pickles, home-made snacks, painting, photographs, home décor items, imitation and art jewellery and much more. Services such as online coaching are also offered. Below we have showcased their products and services for viewers to purchase directly from these sellers.

Appeal from the Founder

The digital Marketplace of the creations of our members — all above 65-70 years — is akin to being their Retirement Masterpiece. Each product or service on offer is the endorsement of their successful ageing during the unprecedented Pandemic phase. They have safely and securely protected their health by keeping themselves indoor and undertaking all domestic chores themselves, probably for the first time in their life.  Over and above this, they have learnt to become digitally creative to showcase how they usefully applied their skills to a new product, art, craft or a tutorial service they can offer.

All we ask is your applause for their creative talents by buying a few. In keen anticipation of your applause for the elderly.

Good wishes,

Dr Sheilu Sreenivasan