Our Logo

A flower is a depiction of the community we serve and each of its petals represents its members. A flower is incomplete without its petals and so are we without our members. Our work radiates into the lives of the members like the Sun, as is seen in the negative space between the central dot and the petals.


A flower does not exist in solitude. It is a part of an ecosystem. All elements of the ecosystem enable the flower to thrive and the flower itself enables the other elements of the ecosystem to thrive, Hence, they are inter-dependent. One cannot exist without another.

Such is the case with Dignity Foundation. Our flower logo symbolises that we are part of a community of well-wishes, donors and supporters, which enable us to bloom. Each of our beneficiary member is represented by the petals of the flower. And the impact created by Dignity Foundation is subtly represented in the white-space in the form of a radiating Sun.