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We welcome individual volunteers young and old as well as students from Instititutes as also Corporate teams to join the movement called ' Dignity'. Indicative options for Volunteering Work at Dignity Foundation, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Pune are listed below:

Volunteering at a Loneliness Mitigation Center (“Chai Masti Centre”)

This is an activity centre for the elderly and is abuzz with activities every afternoon. The activities at the Centre mitigate loneliness and provide a social support network for senior citizens. It is a platform for them to learn new skills and showcase their talents. Every afternoon from 4:00 – 6:00 pm, around 50 to 60 elders come to each of our centres to share, interact and learn from each other. We have 6 such centres in Mumbai.

 Volunteers can organize recreational and entertainment evenings for senior citizens.

 Volunteers can arrange a talk session on something of interest to senior citizens.

 Volunteers can teach senior citizens skills like how to use their mobile phones better to store numbers, send sms, take pictures, etc.

 Volunteers can take Senior Citizens to museums and other places of interest.

 Volunteers can organize picnics for these Dignitarians

 Volunteers can celebrate festivals and birthdays at these centers.

We provide training to all volunteers in terms of :

 Understanding the nature of the problems as reported on phone by the senior citizen caller.

 How to give a patient hearing to the elderly caller about the situation he/she describes.

 How to undertake a Fact Finding task entrusted to the volunteer when they make a personal visit to clients’ homes – facts about their family, housing, relationships, economic situation and the basic problem.

 How to talk to the reported abuser in cases of elder abuse

 How to file their report back to the Social worker at Dignity Foundation

Dignity Dementia Centres

Dementia is a degenerative disease of the brain. It results in total memory loss, disabling the individual from performing activities of daily living. There is need for 24 hour care. At our Dementia Day Care Centres trained professionals provide care and activities for persons with Dementia. Our centre in Mumbai is at Dadar. We also have another such centre in Chennai. The day care facilities provide tremendous respite to the families of persons with Dementia.

Spend a Day at Dignity Lifestyle Retirement Township

Dignity Lifestyle is a retirement township at Neral- 90 Kms from Mumbai, on the foot hills of Matheran. There are around 75 senior citizens living there, some who are active and independent and others who are living in our assisted living facilities with 24/7 attendant care. The assisted living residents are predominantly persons with dementia (Alzheimer’s).

Volunteers can conduct some activities for the residents and make them feel happy. The caregivers also look forward to such interactions. Some activities can be conducted for them too.

Volunteers can spend a day with the residents of Dignity Lifestyle and can give them a gift of beautiful memories of the day spent with you all.

Volunteers can spend a day at our day care centre and conduct some fun activities for them.

Organise a Senior Citizen ID Card Camp

Volunteers can organise Senior Citizen ID Card camps in either their companies or residential societies. The ID Cards are Govt. recognized and enable senior citizens avail several government benefits. These camps can be held during weekends in residential societies and during the weekdays on companies. The volunteers only need to get permission from the company or residential society and build awareness through their network. A team from Dignity Foundation will be present for the camp to issue forms and answer queries.

Hold a fund-raising event

You can help in organizing a fundraising event for Dignity Foundation. If you would like to raise funds for Dignity by taking part in a sporting event (e.g. a marathon) or holding a fundraising party for your friends and colleagues, please write to us at

If you would like to volunteer, please write to us at