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Many senior citizens have time on their hands and would like to have meaningful pursuits that can make use of their experience and skills. Dignity Foundation offers various volunteering opportunities to senior citizens. Several programmes like companionship, helpline assistance, senior citizen ID cards, Dignity on Wheels, etc. work on the back of senior citizen volunteers. Volunteers are regularly trained in counseling and other areas to equip them to deal with difficult situations.

Dignity Civic Service

Civic Service In line with Dignity Foundation's practice of providing structural opportunities to senior citizens for productive ageing, a programme called Dignity Civic Service was launched in 1998 in association with the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) towards the objective of 'Keeping Mumbai Clean'

Dignity Foundation appointed Chief Dignitarians in each ward of Mumbai. The role of the Chief Dignitarians was to lead and monitor the activities in each Ward by mobilising, coordinating and reporting action initiated. They also initiate discussion for new ideas, improvement programmes, grievances, and solution by consensus. The Chief Dignitarian also liaises with the local Ward Officers and undertakes supervisory roles wherever required - staff attendance, spot guidance to staff.

After nearly 15 years of this programme aimed at organising and monitoring the locality-level activities, the ward groups are now pretty independent, taking their own initiatives and maintaining the leadership of Dignity Foundation within the city municipal agenda. The Chief Dignitarians have built a good rapport with the Ward Officers and work along with the corporation on all campaigns and drives from time to time.

Ghatkopar, a suburb in Mumbai has the distinction of having conducted a meeting in the ward office of the Corporation on every Wednesday without fail for the past 15 years. The entire credit for this steadfastness goes to its Chief Dignitarian Wilfred Pereira (age 78).