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Chai Masti

When a person retires he loses his identity and no longer has an active social circle. There is no meaningful activity that he has every morning when he wakes up. All this leads to a deep sense of loneliness and loss of self-image. Even if some people are lucky to live with their children, they realize that everyone is busy with their own lives and have no time or inclination to talk to them. This loneliness leads to depression which in turns leads to many health problems.

Dignity Foundation’s Loneliness Mitigation centres are euphemistically referred to as Chai Masti centres. These centres provide a platform for senior citizens to interact socially, build a support network, boost their self esteem and lead an active life. The centres run from Monday to Friday for 2 hours, usually 4 pm to 6 pm.

Loneliness Mitigation Centres have structured activities to promote :

 Social interaction and sharing with peers

 Learning new skills

 Physical & spiritual well being

 Offer a platform to display their talents and get recognition

Some of the key structured activities conducted at the Loneliness Mitigation Centres are :

 Guided Tai Chi


 Bridge, Carom, Chess etc.


 Old Hindi Songs/Movie Screening

 Indian Dance

 Group Singing



 Talks by doctors, financial experts, lawyers, etc.

 Festival Celebrations

 Birthday Celebrations

Around 1,000 senior citizens come on a daily basis to the 16 centres across 5 cities – mitigating loneliness and enriching lives. The Chai Masti centres are a a beehive of activity, laughter, learning, bonding, expanding of horizons and most importantly of belonging.